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Bring nature based learning to your school.

We want students to experience the wonders of nature! Our eco-literacy programs provide these opportunities through interactive lessons and outdoor activities. Each class takes place in the school’s food forest ecosystem. By creating and stewarding this ecosystem together, students become immersed in the natural world, learning environmentally regenerative practices, while reinforcing science lessons from inside the classroom.  This outdoor classroom is where kids get to experience sciences through everyday occurrences in nature. 


We believe that early access to natural spaces is essential for students to build appreciation and respect for nature. Our curriculum is based on California’s Next Generation Science Standards which are designed to help students develop a coherent and scientifically-based view of the world around them. By participating in this program, students will acquire more tangible experiences in Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science and Engineering Design that will apply to their future studies while becoming better stewards of the future. 

Eco-Literacy Curriculum:

  • Pollinator Kinship

  • Decomposers & Composting

  • Predator Pictionary 

  • Pinto Bean Dissection 

  • Soil Structure Experiment 

  • Habitat Restoration 

  • Wildlife Food Sources

  • Integrated Pest Management 

  • Plant ID Walk

  • Harvest day

Reach out to learn more about our Earth Care curriculum, created for Preschool & Pre-K programs.


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